Oct 12 2005
Kids invited to design new MedicAlert bracelet

Children across Canada can get their crayons and markers ready for a new contest that lets them take control of what they wear when it comes to protection in a medical emergency.

Canadian MedicAlert Foundation is announcing the start of a contest that allows kids between the ages of four to 12 from across Canada to design a new MedicAlert bracelet as part of its "Sport & Kids" line.

"The contest provides a fun and creative way to introduce kids to the benefits of MedicAlert," explains Stephen Reid, Director of Marketing and Communications with MedicAlert. "It also provides the opportunity to reintroduce parents to the importance of ensuring medical information is communicated accurately and timely when they aren't around."

The grand prize consists of the winner's original unique custom colour design being chosen as the next product launch and featured on the foundation's Web site as well as in its member newsletter. Additional information about the contest and the official entry form is available online by visiting www.medicalert.ca/contest. MedicAlert is dedicated to providing services to its members that protect and save lives. The information on the back of the bracelet and the detailed information only available through the secure and confidential MedicAlert electronic health records system are recognized by first responders and medical personnel.

"With the rise in childhood asthma, diabetes and allergies, the importance of identifying a child's medical condition is important for happy, healthy and safe living," says Reid. "In case of a medical emergency, children can be the most vulnerable because they are often too young, too afraid or too hurt to express themselves. That's why parents often feel better knowing their child's MedicAlert identification can speak for them when they can't."

MedicAlert is a not-for-profit charity organization providing services to members that protect and save lives.

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