Feb 22 2008
Saanich residents officially Xweel nux

Saanicher or Saanichite most likely to stick
The News’ quest to narrow down options for replacing the tired term “Saanich residents” backfired.
Streams of new ideas from residents, who playfully offer their suggested replacements, have been filing into the newsroom since the News’ latest call, Saanisquatches or Saanwichers in the Feb. 15 issue. The original call for replacement names came out in the Jan. 23 edition.
This time, we’re nailing it down to our top two choices, and the most useable suggestions, for a new name for Saanich residents: Saanichites or
It’s up to you, the reader, to feed us your suggestions on what we can call the 110,000 people living in our community.
We asked Chief Ivan Wayne Morris of the Tsartlip First Nation to weigh in on our request. In the original Saanich First Nation language, there is a term for the people from this area.
“But there’s no spelling for it,” Morris said.
The word for Saanich residents roughly translates to xweel nux - with the x having a sound like the ch in loch, and the double e making the sound eh.
“It would be hard to put that into English,” he said.
Mayor Frank Leonard said there was no need to invent a new term for Saanich residents.
“We tend to be a fairly humble bunch,” Leonard said. “We preferred to be judged by our values and accomplishments rather than a nickname.”
However, some Saanich residents themselves don’t seem to agree with Leonard. The ideas that have come in were too creative not to print. Here are some of the best sent in over the past week:
Ted Price offered several, including Saanics, Saanikins, Saanivics and Saanities.
P.S. Randhawa thought Saanichians was a “classic” idea.
Gilles Olivier suggested
Saanicherites, which is similar to Vancouverites.
Bob Robinson sent the suggestion Saanskrits, along with a request: “So what is first prize? Sharing a beer with Frank Leonard at the Bird of Paradise Pub?”
We can ask Mayor Leonard, but we can’t promise anything.
Finally, Liz Munn thought different names for Saanich residents could be used in different situations, for example: “Former Saanichkin arrested for...,” “Saanwichers approve school lunch program,” and “Search for missing Saanisquatch called off.”
The Saanich News is still open to new suggestions for renaming Saanich residents, as well as your votes on which of the aforementioned names the News could use to refer to the community.

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