Sep 21 2005
Triangle reservoir plans flowing ahead

By Erin Kelley-Gedischk News Gazette corr

Juan de Fuca Water Commission has approved construction water reservoir at the end of Fulton Road on Triangle Mountain, in Colwood.

With funds now approved, the $2.8 million project is planned to be awarded to a contractor by the end of October.

The Capital Regional District Triangle Mountain Reservoir project should be operating by late March or early April 2006, said Coun. Gordie Logan, Colwood's representative on the commission.

The announcement comes after a decade of concerns from the Colwood fire department over insufficient water pressure needed for fire protection for areas in south Colwood and Triangle Mountain.

"This has been a major holdup for development in Colwood," said Colwood fire chief Russ Cameron.

Residential developments at Latoria Walk and Claudette Court are currently on hold due to lack of water pressure needed for firefighting. Framework construction above 88 metres has been stalled at the Latoria Walk development until the reservoir is fully operational.

Unless developers install sprinkler systems into residential homes in Claudette Court, the project will have to wait another six months before construction continues.

"This is a problem that has been on my agenda for 16 years," said Cameron.

"Once this is developed, the fire department can rest easy."

The project was stalled over the summer due to a concern over birds nesting during the month of June, and disruptions to summer activities for area residents.

The CRD's plans to build an interim pump house in Ocean View Park last summer failed due to residents' concerns over the use of park land.

"This is a serious public issue that has been left for too long," said Coun. Ernie Robertson.

Cameron thanked Coun. Logan for pushing the issue to the top of the priority list.

The reservoir will restore water pressure to adequate levels for fire protection to more than 1,000 homes in Colwood, said Logan.

"It's been a long process and I am pleased we are finally here," said Cameron.

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