Dec 13 2010
Arrest made in serial child sex assaults


By Kevin Diakiw
A man has been arrested and charged with a series of sexual assaults of children in Surrey, Delta and Vancouver.
Police say the DNA of 42-year-old Ibata Noric Hexamer was found at three crime scenes. He has been arrested and charged with 23 counts relating to sexual assaults dating back 15 years. Two of them were local.
On the afternoon of Aug. 30, 2007, two 14-year-old girls were walking east on 84 Avenue near 107 Street.
A man approached asking for directions. He then grabbed one of the girls and produced a knife. He forced them into a wooded area and threatened to kill the girls if they ran. For several minutes, he sexually assaulted them.
Almost two years later, on July 3, 2009, a six-year-old girl out with her 12-year-old brother and friend, 15, was walking east on 62 Avenue near 139 Street in Surrey, when a man approached asking for directions.
The man grabbed the six-year-old girl and brandished a knife as he walked her into the wooded area. He told the boys to follow or he would stab the girl. The suspect told the boys to get down on the ground and look away. For several minutes he sexually assaulted the little girl after which he returned her to the boys, told them to wait 10 minutes and left on foot. 
The family of that victim has moved away from the area due to the emotional trauma.
On Monday, Vancouver police announced they have tied DNA evidence to Hexamer, a 42-year-old Vancouver resident. The chances that the DNA doesn’t belong to him are one in a quadrillion (one in one thousand trillion), Vancouver police say.
A Vancouver case dates back to April 1, 1995, and involved a girl walking on the playground of Lord Nelson School grounds at 2235 Kitchener St.
A man approached her and asked her if she could help him find his child.  He grabbed her by the wrist and told her he had a knife.  
The suspect pulled her to an outdoor stairwell where she screamed and pleaded with him to let her go.  He put his hand over her mouth and sexually assaulted her for several minutes.
Vancouver police say the victim is now 28 years old and has been waiting justice.
"Today is that day," said Vancouver Detective Dan Murphy of the Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit with Vancouver Police.  "It is our hope that this will somehow help the victims and their families with the healing process."

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